Being UNBOXED Means:


U- Being able to identify and UNDERSTAND the effects of eating Chemically Processed Foods.

N- Noticing a difference in your body as it pertains to weight, skin, hair, digestion, etc.

B- Believing that you can improve your family’s health by systematically changing eating habits.

O- Being Open to eating and cooking different cuisines, with confidence and technique.

X- You’re eXperienced enough to help your loved ones change their diets for better health. 

E- Enjoying a balanced life of eating fresh and living your best life.

D- Being Disciplined enough to enjoy a Vacation without sinking into your old eating habits.  Staying DETOXED and feeling your best. 

Check Below to find out how you can get UNBOXED

Chef's Food Coaching Program

Our Head Chef has created a Program for Busy Women, like herself, to stop themselves and their family from eating Toxic Chemically Processed Foods. "I see you because I am you! We want a healthy lifestyle, but we need Convenience & Flava!" This system is tailored for Busy Women, like you and I, who can't seem to find a balance between Working Hard & Eating Fresh. I've taken what I do on a daily basis and made the change I knew I needed, I've made the switch to clean eating, and now I help others achieve their health goals; Even Vegans!" The "Unboxed & Unbothered Culinary Course" is a Stress Free way to get rid of Boxed Foods, Eliminate Deadly Toxins, and Improve your Family’s Health using Restaurant Quality Meals made by you! "I'm using industry techniques and combining them with my own recipes & modern cooking methods to create a One of A Kind Culinary Program. It will give you a step by step blueprint to a better life for your entire family." No need to hire a private chef, or spend countless amounts of money paying someone else to do your meal prep for you. Give Yourself the Power to decide what you and your family Eat! You'll receive Live Group Coaching, A Lifetime Access to Restaurant Quality Recipes, Live Cooking Tutorials w/ Q&A, Priceless Budgeting Tips Restaurants use to Create their Menus, my One of A Kind FLAVA, BOLD, and FRESH methods; and All the tools you need to get "Unboxed & Unbothered"! You Deserve it, Sis. Leave your email and stay up to date on everything you need to know to get started!